• DREAM IN COLOR (Live Through Love)

    lyrics by Kevin Wanzor and Music by Natalie Tenenbaum (based on the words of Dominic Sheahan-Stahl)
    Recorded and Mastered at Yellow Sound Lab (Michael Croiter), New York, NY. February-April, 2013
    Recording & Mixing Engineer: Matthias Winter
    Arranged and Produced by Mark Fifer
    Electric Guitar: Larry Saltzman
    Acoustic Guitar: Alec Berlin
    Mandolin: Chris Biesterfeldt
    Piano: Mark Fifer
    Bass: Mary Ann McSweeney
    Drums: Alex Wyatt

    Lead vocal: Dominic Sheahan-Stahl
    Featuring: Mara Davi
    Backing vocals: Ally Bonino, Mark Fifer, Lucia Gianetta, Nathan Hershberger, Katie Kozlowski, Jonathan Mazzei-Matthews, Travis McClung, Tommy McKiernan, Andrea Ross, Britton Smith, Kimberly Stern, Brett Stoelker, Emily Thomas, Liz Ulmer, Erin West, Jared Zirilli.

    Special thanks to: The incredibly generous and supportive Michael Croiter, for providing us with a safe, warm place in which to hatch this egg Ė many thanks!!; all of our talented and selfless musicians, instrumentalists and vocalists, who brought this song to life with vibrancy and clarity.

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